Operational Models

DSW aims to provide a seamless extension of your in-house team to help improve your productivity, resource management and competitiveness.

We have a methodology which helps in reducing the barriers created by distance. This has been developed by replicating the IT business methodology & processes of working at a distance and applying the same to the Engineering Services sector. We replicate our client's engineering standards, practices, & systems in the offshore center, hence seamlessly integrating with our client's existing engineering team & environment.

One of the operational models that we recommend and promote is the Build-Operate-Transfer model, which works well for mid-size companies that want to eventually have their own subsidiary in the offshore location.

This works as follows:


  • DSW sets up your office in Pune, India
  • No Capital investment on your part as we provide the office space, facilities, hardware and software
  • Set up various modes of communication between your headquarters and offshore office
  • Operate

  • Help you find qualified engineers and designers based on your specific requirements
  • Guide their training in company specific best practices
  • Manage the HR, IT, Finance, and all other day to day administrative tasks of the office
  • Arrange periodic visits by your management to review the setup & meet with the employees
  • Transfer

  • Once you are convinced that the offshore model works we will incorporate your company in India
  • Identify and set up independent office and facilities for you
  • Transfer all the people, hardware, software to this independent subsidiary of your company
  • Provide guidance over next six months to ensure smooth transfer
  • We also have models based on monthly billing per person as well as project based.