With assistance from the DSW team you can:

Conserve cash, while continuing to expand

You don’t have to invest any capital to get the resources integrated with your in-house engineering teams. Our team essentially becomes an extension of your own team without the additional cost of facilities, hardware, software or the hiring costs.

Leverage our proven experience

Our engineering team's proven expertise helps them come upto speed in very short time on your projects as well.

Retain full Management Control

You retain full management control of the dedicatedresources which are assigned to your projects. You have the flexibility to manage and reallocate resources between tasks as per your needs. You also preserve your intellectual property since the resources will be fully dedicated to your firm only.

Get the right people to work for you

We will setup interviews with your senior engineers, of all members that would potentially work on your projects. Only the resources approved by your senior engineers are assigned to your projects. This approach ensures that all team members possess the required domain experience and would fit-in with your own internal teams, well. Also, in the long term you will be able to build expertise among these employees so the efficiency of the team would increases with time.

Jump start your operations

Our team will bring with them software ready computing facilities as they work on your projects. This eliminates the time required for setting up your initial infrastructure and communication links.

Get increased productivity

Team members assigned to your projects continue to stay as part of your team until released by you. This ensures that you continue to get maximum productivity after the initial domain knowledge transfer.

Free up your executive team

We take full responsibility for setting up and managing the HR aspects of our team. This would free up time for your executive team and they can focus on other areas like initiating new projects and marketing services to prospective clients.